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 Amelia is four today. Four is serious kid stuff, isn’t it? She’s a kid now, not a toddler, not a little kid, but a full-fledged kid. Amelia is a fabulous combination of thoughtfulness, boldness, curiosity and love This is what I have learned from her over the past several years:

•When you hug someone, really hug them. Let them you  know you mean it.

•Saying goodbye should always include multiple declarations of love peppered with sincere kisses and the aforementioned hugs.

•The three-letter word “why” can be a very powerful way to cut to the heart of a matter.

•Running, jumping, climbing and enjoying an occasional mud puddle are good balms for the soul.           

•Clothes are sometimes overrated.

•Passionately cling to your beliefs.

•Seek treasures, pick flowers, and build castles.

Love you, AJP. I hope you have the best birthday ever.

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